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Our Products

Premium quality tomatoes, distinguished for their firm and meaty flesh, their vibrant color and rich taste. With an abundance of nutrients. Natural fruits of Greek origin that can be consumed raw or cooked. The tomatoes are offered in three varieties, meticulously packaged for safe shipment.

Beef Tomatoes

Sizable Quality

The full-bodied Petrousa
Greek large-size tomato with impressive looks and a rich taste. Can be consumed raw or cooked.


Cluster Tomatoes

Tasty Co-existence

Greek medium-sized tomatoes, harvested in bunches. Can be consumed raw or cooked.


Plum Cherry Tomatoes

Dynamic Crowd

Petrousa’s little ones   
Greek plum cherry tomatoes with a sweet flavor. Ideal for a healthy snack, salad or cooking.

Plum Cherry



Wonderplant acquires and regularly renews esteemed international certifications; implements frequent inspections; and continuously optimizes its operational practices and protocols.
Such certifications and protocols include: