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The company

Responsible entrepreneurship – Investment in the future of Greek agriculture – Protection of natural resources

Who we are

Greek tomato

Founded in 2008, Wonderplant is a Greek company aiming to support domestic primary agricultural production with know-how and state-of-the-art production methods, and to invest, at an unprecedented economic scale, in the sustainability and future of Greek fruits and vegetables. 
In 2011, we set up and operated a model hydroponic tomato production plant in Petrousa, Drama, featuring a pioneering PAD & FAN glass greenhouse and a production system that ensures multiple yields of exceptional crops on a nine-month basis. 
Thanks to continuous investments, the application of innovative technologies and the adoption of strict regulations in the production, packaging and marketing of its products, Wonderplant offers consumers high-quality, safe and wholesome tomatoes of high nutritional value. In our state-of-the-art facilities, and by employing an integrated agricultural production management method, constant vigilance and research certified by international organizations, Wonderplant achieves an optimum production of three different types of tomatoes, totaling 15,000 tons per year.

Production method

Hydroponics - Technology

Despite the high cost of hydroponic cultivation, Wonderplant made this choice in order to actively express its respect for the environment and its commitment to the responsible management of available natural resources and energy requirements. 
Wonderplant’s up-to-date production method is distinguished for its multileveled scientific character and includes: 

  • Operation of a state-of-the-art glass greenhouse with a PAD & FAN natural cooling system.
  • Coverage of infertile land with a substrate of rock wool. Placement of the plants at a height that facilitates their constant care.
  • Implementation of complex systems for the insulation, shading and electronic control of the microclimate in the areas of cultivation.
  • Natural pollination by bumblebees and implementation of integrated pest management.
  • Total Water Management system. Use of drip irrigation system.
  • Use of High-Efficiency Cogeneration of Heat & Power (CHP).
  • Use of technologically advanced systems for sorting, packaging and storing the tomato crops.


Our values

Responsibility, Consistency, Care

Technological advancement

We are constantly investing in new equipment and innovative methods for the cultivation, packaging and distribution of our products. We work together with experts from Greece and abroad to develop our facilities in a way that enhances productivity and ensures the future of the company and its employees.

Superior quality and safety

We apply strict production control protocols and continually update our certifications by internationally recognized organizations. We ensure health and safety at work and protect the high quality of our products.


Our decisions are guided by our respect for the natural resources of the Greek land, the labors of our people and the balance of the ecosystem. The technologies we apply are aimed at sustaining the land, recycling the water, saving energy and growing employment in the long term.

Respect for the law

We strictly abide by current Greek legislation as well as European and international regulations of entrepreneurship, with the consistency and responsibility we believe we owe our customers, our employees, our shareholders, and society at large.



Roughly 240,000 m² of indoor installations – 220,000 m² of glass greenhouses and 20,000 m² of ancillary and packaging spaces – make up the largest and most pioneering Greek tomato production plant in Petrousa, Drama, Northern Greece. 
Featuring ground-breaking applications for control and safety, the state-of-the-art facilities of Wonderplant accommodate a production of more than 15,000 tons of tomatoes annually.

Human Resources


The people of Wonderplant are the key driving force behind its production and the primary stakeholders in its vision and effort to succeed: 70% specialized horticulturists, 16% technicians and 14% scientific staff – partake in lifelong training programs and enjoy competitive pay, remuneration benefits and a modern work environment. The people of Wonderplant are the guarantors of the company’s top-tier production.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Trust, Society

Wonderplant is actively promoting its relationship with its customers all over Greece, its staff and the many generations of young scientists that are being trained on its premises. Special attention is paid to the local community in Drama, to vulnerable social groups, public-benefit services and school communities, to which Wonderplant provides, in cooperation with local residents and agencies, technical infrastructure, expertise relating to agriculture and nature, as well as targeted support for selected activities. 
Wonderplant’s respect for the land and the people is expressed through initiatives to promote high-quality agricultural production as well as by prioritizing the coverage of domestic consumer needs first.



Wonderplant acquires and regularly renews esteemed international certifications; implements frequent inspections; and continuously optimizes its operational practices and protocols.
Such certifications and protocols include: